Sep 18, 2013

Audio Damage - GrainShift/Errorbox/DubJr - Patch1

Audio Damage - GrainShift/Errorbox/DubJr - Patch1 from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

First late night jam with the new Audio Damage effects for Eurorack. Everything is being triggered/clocked via the Tiptop TriggerRiot. Kick drum source is the Cwejman BLD running into the "ADM02" Grainshift, turning the kick drum into granulated mush. Next source is the Z output from the Synthesis Technology E350 running into one MakeNoise - modDemix then sent to a TipTop Z5000, for intermittent CV control verb. The analog hand-clap from the Dync-Sync DrumDokta DRM-110 running into the "ADM01" DubJr Delay. Which is being strangled and mangled by one stepped output from the MakeNoise Wogglebug, which is also being clocked from the Trigger Riot. One sine output from the DPO running into another Optomix, triggered by channel A from Trigger Riot for synthetic double style FM high-hats, which is running into the Errorbox being slightly degraded and crushed. CV inputs Pitch and Chaos on the Grainshift controlled by erratic CV plot movements from the Rene sequencer (also clocked from the Trigger Riot). Bouncing ball effect from the MakeNoise Maths V2 channel output one, from FM Intellijel Rubicon, then sent to intellijel Planar for panning zigzag movements also being controlled by Maths V2, channel output 4. Drones running from the Mutable Instruments Braids into the Eventide Space reverb pedal fully wet mix.

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