Jul 10, 2013

TipTop - Trigger Riot - Probability Percussion Patch

TipTop - Trigger Riot - Probability Percussion Patch from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

First experiment using the TipTop Trigger Riot sequencing euro rack module. The patch was setup up running in independent output mode. Each output was set to random valves based on a 32 step sequence. The idea was to create 8 regenerative output channels that would be then sent to the TipTop 808 BD, Snare, high hats, and clap. The outputs all have specific varying degrees of probability selected. Additional triggered voices from the Mutable Instruments Braids (Pads/Cloud Synthesis) and Edges (Noise output) running through the Synthesis Tech mini delay. Drum outputs summed into one intellijel mixer then sent to the MakeNoise Phonogene for light granular processing. This entire patch was sequenced on the Trigger Riot clocking at 198 BPM. Reverb swells courtesy of the Eventide space. tiptopaudio.com/riot.php

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