Mar 26, 2011

Saturday Modular patch:modDemix-René, Brains,PressurePoints-Slow Acid.

Quick patch test with the modDemix and MakeNoise René sequencer running out to several modules for a slow animated control voltage jam. I started with QCV to 1V/ oct into the Cwejman VM-1 (Acid Slow Bassline). Then sent the X-Gate into the Cwejman CTG-VC envelope and I use Y-Gate for Accent/volume. I used the Doepfer 160,161,4ms RCD, SCD for clock divisions for gates into the rene for half time pattern playback. ModDemix was used in VCA mode with Rene going back and triggering the input for interesting gated time triggering of signals. The distant quantized melody is one voice of the VCO2-RM through the intellijel uScale then through Tiptops Z-5000 with a touch of delay. MakeNoise Brains and Pressure Points running in sequence mode to the Synthesis Technology E350, VCO2-RM, WMD Gamma Wave for extra clustering of timbres. The Cwejman BLD is the kick drum, and Noisering for high hats and snare patterns generated by the intellijel uStep.​

Shot with the Cannon ELPH-300HS. Hit the full screen icon to view in full HD resolution through the Vimeo page only.
Note: this patch is 100% modular no computers or drum machines here

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