Feb 11, 2011

Intellijel μscale - quantized symmetry

The μscale module is a cv quantizer and musical interval generator. In this simple patch I am using four VCO's. Cwejman VCO-2RM, VM-1,harvestman piston honda, and hertz donut. Everything is being CV sequenced by the output of the μscale. Clocked from one mini ELF LFO to a Doepfer 160, 161 then out to a-151 quad sequential switch controlling the MakeNoise Brains, and two pressure points doing long slow sequences back into the CV and Shift input on the Intellijel μscale. The drums are coming from the cwejman BLD and NS-04 for the white noise snare, and high hats. Effects used TipTop Z5000, Z-DSP, and Doepfer A-187


Note: this patch is completely modular, no drum machines or computers used here:)

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