Dec 18, 2010

Clock Trippin, Poly Rhythm RENÉ

Analogue percussion performance patch experimenting with tripping the clock input to get different polyrhythms on the MakeNoise René. The MakeNoise Brains, K4815 Pattern Generator, Z8000, 4ms RCD, SCM and Pressure points are also being clocked with René from a single LFO.

Note: This patch was created entirely on the modular (No drum machines or computers used here).

Sound sources for the drums. One noise source from the Cwejman S1 mkII to make the long clap percussion sounds. Kickdrum made on the Cwejman BLD, and snare drum made from the Synthesis Technology E350. High hats courtesy of the Malekko NoiseRing.​RENE.html

motion-graphics by:​

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