Jan 2, 2010


Devine GrainCube Instrument from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

First few experiments with the GrainCube Reaktor Ensemble. This is a multi-granular processing instrument that has individual randomizing sections, allowing for endless never repeating sonic gestures.

A creation & collaboration between RachMiel (Rick Scott) Reaktor building/construction and LemurCube Control surface design by Antonio Blanca. Sounds, sources, samples by Richard Devine, Josh Kay, and Antonio Blanca.

Please check out these two amazing designers work:

Rick Scott's: rachmiel.org/reaktor/index.htm

Antonio Blanca: absoundscapes.com

1 comment:

Chris Hahn said...

Is this just for the Lemur, or is this something you're going to let the public have a peek at? :-)